Apa research proposal

APA Research Proposal: How to Write One and Where to Get Help

An APA research proposal is an important part of any research-oriented assignment or even a high-level grant-securing attempt. Once you have a proposal (and once it is approved), you will feel much more confident working on the rest of your paper. And no wonder – a proposal is a plan for your research in a concentrated form. Of course, different styles can be used for it, not just APA, but in this article, we are going to describe a research proposal in APA style, its purpose and format requirements.

What is an APA research proposal and what’s its purpose?

A research proposal in general is a paper that describes the scope, the purpose, and the methods of the proposed research. Its purpose, for the writer, is to prove the relevance of the research, which is especially important for those who seek financing for their activity, not just work to get a grade. An APA research proposal is nothing else but a regular proposal written for social and behavioral sciences, which is the main area of application of the above-mentioned style.

Therefore, writing a research proposal in APA style is not that difficult if you know the relevant requirements of both – proposal writing and the APA style. While the full scope of formatting norms is too large to be described here, we’d like to take a closer look at the research proposal APA style format, prescribed by the relevant style guide.

Research proposal APA style format

The format prescribed for an APA style research proposal is as follows:

  • Title page with the title of your APA research proposal and your name
  • Introduction that describes the theoretical and empirical questions that your proposal is addressing
  • Method with three subsections – participants, stimuli and procedure
  • Expected results (what are you trying to achieve?)
  • Discussion (the implications of the expected results – how do they compare with everything else described in literature?)

Of course, there may be some deviations, and a more detailed format of your research proposal in APA should be provided by whoever will be evaluating it. Make sure to consult relevant guides before writing.

And if you are having difficulties with it – feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.