Dissertation Abstract

Abstract for Dissertation: How to Write One?

A dissertation abstract is an indispensable part of the paper that provides an overview of the research that you have done. An abstract in a dissertation is like a summary of a book.

Writing dissertation abstract is usually scheduled after all the other parts are written.

The common format of a dissertation abstract is usually as follows:

  • From 150 to 350 words, with the average length of a dissertation abstract being around 280 words
  • Double-spaced for visual coherence
  • Mirrors the structure of the abstract dissertation itself
  • Pays special attention to the results of the research

The main purpose of your paper, even if it is a rather abstract dissertation, is to tell your readers about your specific findings and their importance. The abstract for dissertation, by extension, has the same purpose, that’s why while writing an abstract for a dissertation have the structure of your dissertation in mind.

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