Dissertation Introduction

Writing an Introduction for a Dissertation: Things You Need to Bear in Mind

Are you writing an introduction for a dissertation? Make sure to invest enough time and effort. A dissertation introduction is what sets the right tone for the rest of your research. That’s why writing a dissertation introduction is a whole new skill to master.

Here we’d like to take a look at the functions of an introduction of a dissertation, its format and how to make the introduction in dissertation work for your benefit.

Dissertation introduction role in the paper

An introduction to dissertation comes after abstract and performs a whole range of functions. These are:

  • Providing context for your research
  • Introducing your thesis statement (usually comes in the first paragraph of your dissertation introduction) that the research will be based upon
  • Hooking the readers’ attention to draw them into further reading
  • Setting the tone for your further elaborations

Make sure, while writing an introduction for a dissertation, to fulfill all of the above-mentioned points. Otherwise, your introduction to dissertation won’t be strong enough.

Where does an introduction to dissertation fall in the writing sequence?

A good dissertation introduction should foresee the development of your arguments and the conclusions you have made. That’s why it’s a good idea to leave writing an introduction to a dissertation for when the rest of the chapters are written, save the abstract.

By working on your introduction to dissertation in the end of the writing process, you will be better equipped to write a good one.

Writing introduction for dissertation: the format

The exact format of an introduction for a dissertation will depend on the introduction dissertation instructions you have received from your tutor, but there are general guidelines you can follow:

  • First, set the scene in your introduction for dissertation. What is the relevance of your research?
  • Second, review the other studies in your introduction to a dissertation. What other research are you building yours on?
  • Third, focus in your dissertation introduction chapter on the area where further research is needed
  • Forth, proceed to describing the purpose of the research in your introduction of dissertation
  • Finally, outline paper structure besides the introduction chapter of dissertation

Writing a dissertation introduction is not rocket science, but it does require some effort. And if you are not ready to spend that much energy on writing introduction for dissertation, we’ll be happy to do it for you.

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